Hanuman ji's ego destroyed by Lord Rama

Hanuman ji's ego destroyed by Lord Rama, this story is about the time when Lord Shri Ram installed Shivling on the beach before building the bridge to go to Lanka. There Hanumanji became proud of himself, then Lord Rama destroyed his ego. This story is as follows- When the work of bridge-bandhan was being done on the sea, Lord Rama thought of establishing Shivling after the establishment of Ganeshji and nine planets there. He sent Hanumanji to Kashi to bring Shivling in auspicious time. Hanumanji reached Kashi with the wind speed. Seeing them, Bholenath said - "Pawanputra!" Lord Rama is fulfilling my wish by establishing Shivling in the south because Maharishi Agastya has left after bowing down Vindhyachal mountain but he is waiting for me. That's why I had to go there too. You take my symbol there soon. Hearing this, Hanuman became proud and started thinking that only he can do this work as soon as possible. Here Hanumanji became proud and there Lord Rama came to know the feeling of his mind. God is always ready for the welfare of the devotee. Hanuman was also bound in the loop of ego. Therefore, Lord Rama, deciding to be kind to him, called Varanraj Sugriva at the same time and said – “O Kapishreshtha! The auspicious time is about to end and Hanuman has not reached yet. That's why I make a sand Shivling and install it here. After that, after getting permission from all the sages and sages, he worshiped and installed a sand Shivling. When Shri Ram remembered Kaustum Mani to give Dakshina to the sages, then that gem appeared before him. Lord Shri Ram held him around his neck. Soon after seeing the effect of the gem, money, food, clothes etc. were collected there for charity and dakshina. He gave gifts to the sages. Then the sages and sages left from there.